- The exchanges -

Since the creation of the association, both cities have organized many exchanges. The most famous ones are the association’s 10th and 20th anniversaries. Inhabitants still remember these great moments in which they discovered different cultures and traditions thanks to families welcome.

The 10th anniversary:

In April 1994, many of the inhabitants of Jallais organized the association’s first official event with its German neighbours. During this occasion, all participants enjoyed taking part of the celebration – French-German party with Bavarian folk dance.

Before coming back in Germany, the Bavarians offered Jallais the “Croix des Champs” which symbolizes fraternity and protection. It shows the French and German friendship as well as the catholic tradition.

"This part of Bavaria is now in Jallais land and takes part of its heritage."

The 20th birthday:

The celebration of the association’s 20th anniversary began in May 2004 in Jallais and went on until the end of July 2004 in Bavaria.

At first, the Bavarians came to Jallais to celebrate these 20 years of friendship. In order to make this date an important moment, the German offered a kiosk to the inhabitants, which can be found today in the cultural place.

Two months later, a hundred of Jallais inhabitants went to Feldkirchen to celebrate back this anniversary. Welcomed by the mayor, Mickaël WEBER, the participants lived among the Bavarian families, which offered them little gifts. Conviviality, good mood, folk music and, of course beer, were in the air during the Vagen party. Another symbol of this friendship is the mass they celebrated in the park of the VON ARRETIN family’s castle.

Over the trip, Jallais inhabitants discovered the Bavarian Alps walking, visited the city of Munich and practiced sport as climbing, bobsleigh, etc...

Before coming back to France, the French offered their hosts a wine-press and grapevines. These latter have been baptized the “Jallaisweg”: the Jallais’s walk. It represents a little piece of France in Bavaria.