- Other activities-

1989 was an important year for exchanges between the shopkeepers, the artisans’ association of Jallais and Bavarians from Vagen. The oyster’s fair of Jallais permited to discover trade activities within the two twinned areas.

Each town shows its region’s know-how and specialities. In Vagen, Jallais’ inhabitants can discover various craft traditions and trade activities. Bavarian people can taste French products like cheese, wine, chocolate, foie gras…

Since its creation, the Exchange Committee gathers together in order to set up activities and plan exchanges.


Thanks to these exchanges, strong emotional ties have been built. Two French-German weddings took place. They were very important for the relationship between the two very united Exchange Committee.


Throughout the year, the Exchange Committee organizes various activities.

In the beginning of 2008, Bruno Robineau, - a native inhabitant of Jallais – came back to his hometown. During his conference, Jallais’ inhabitants discovered a tip on Copostelle’s ways.